Veterans Memorial Statues

Monuments Honoring the Spirit and Courage of Our American Heroes!

Master Sculptor Lena Toritch creates bronze Veterans Memorial Statues that honor the bravery and personal sacrifice of our American Military.  As an immigrant to this country more than 20 years ago, Toritch’s own fierce American patriotism fires her passion to create monuments that are accurate in every detail and reflect the spirit, pride and courage of the US Military. These custom military memorial statues are portraits of real soldiers and their K-9 partners who served with honor and distinction.  The SOF K-9 memorials pay tribute to a unique breed of military dog.  Toritch has created several life sized, bronze statues of military dogs including a Belgian Malinois dressed in full combat gear.

We have also included our tribute page to fallen law officers.  A Police Memorial of custom bronze monuments by Lena Tortich is a powerful way to honor fallen Law Officers who have paid the ultimate price while serving and protecting others.

Whether it’s Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force or Coast Guard, a Toritch monument will stand the test of time and be a lasting tribute to those who have paid for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Veterans Memorial Specializes in creating Custom Military Memorial Statues, Custom Personalized Statues, Police Memorial statues, Military dog statues plus much more.

We will be honored to create a custom military memorial statue for your veteran. Please call Young Fine Art Studio at 801-359-2451, 801-884-9368 or send an e-mail for your free quote.

Young Fine Art Studio, Inc is very proud to create veterans memorial statues and veterans memorial sculptures for those who have served in the U.S. military. Bronze memorials last forever. They will honor our hero veterans in beautiful custom made memorial sculptures for generations to come.

Young Fine Art Studio, Inc. veterans memorial sculptors Lena Toritch and Richard Young design customized bronze statues that will be treasured military memorials, dedicated to our veterans and hero soldiers.

Visit our Sculpture Facts page for useful information about famous veterans memorial statues and sculptures as well as heroic size bronze military monuments, army and navy statues, large military memorial portrait bronzes from all over the world.

Get inspired by famous patriotic bronze statues and commission your own custom Veterans Memorial Statues from Young Fine Art Studio, inc sculpted by Lena Toritch , MFA.

Young Fine Art Studio offers custom bronze memorial military statues that depict US Armed Forces.

Sculptors Lena Toritch and Richard Young carefully research uniforms and weapons to accurately design a custom soldier memorial statue,  statues for US Marine Corps, US Air Force pilot bronze monument, a memorial for US Coast Guard. Memorial portrait sculptor Lena Toritch will create a custom portrait sculpture likeness or bust of your hero soldier, statue of a marine, sailor or a pilot monument.

We create customized US Armed Forces memorial statues, Contact us for custom US Armed Forces and Navy memorial sculptures, heroic size US Armed Forces bronzes, US Marine Corps memorial statues, Our high quality custom military memorial statues are cast in bronze to last forever.

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