Custom Military Monument – Memorial Portrait Statue of Sgt.Dan Brown on The TODAY Show

This new custom military monument is a touching tribute to a fallen hero Sgt.Dan Brown. It was a feature story on the Today Show on Sunday, March 22, 2015. NBC’s News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez reports:

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Monty the Therapy Dog Statue Dedication

I went to Buffalo, New York to attend a dedication of my latest memorial statue of Monty, an English setter. He was a very first therapy dog at Roswell park Cancer Institute.

Watch Fox 13 news story about Monty, his statue and its dedication:



TODAY Show News Coverage

Our statue dedication was featured on Today Show on August 8, 2011. Here is a screen shot of their front page on the website

John Borbonus bronze statue featured on Today show

Today Show placed our story on the front page


NBC Affiliate KTVB News Story

We got a great news coverage from KTVB in Boise, while on our way to Cascade, delivering the statue.Watch it here:






Salt Lake Tribune Article

On August 2,the day of our departure to Idaho, we got interviewed by Sat Lake Tribune newspaper. Here’s a link to the story:

Below is a mobile version of the same story:





 Brigadier General’s Coin

Brigadier General Burton visited our studio and he liked the statue. His approval means so much to us.


Visit from General Burton

L-R: Lena Toritch, Sergeant Major Sylvester,Master Sergeant Gregory, Brigadier General Burton, Major Turley

We wanted this monument to be a very accurate and authentic representations of a modern soldier, and looks like we succeeded… The General presented Lena with Brigadier General’s Coin for excellence.


Brigadier General’s Coin

There is a lot of history behind the coins among the troops. It started in WWII with the pilots that were shot down behind enemy lines and were used for identification of “friendlies“.

In modern days, for example, if you are out with a group of Soldiers and any one calls a coin check, all present should be able to produce a coin. If you don’t have your coin on you, then you have to pick up the tab. Then, if all have their coins, the Soldier who called the coin check has to pay. Then you can get into who’s coin trumps or is more valuable than the others.A General’s coin would in most cases be above others.

Good job, Lena!