Lena Toritch was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She received her classical training at the Academy of Fine Arts.  Lena studied drawing, sculpture, watercolor painting, history of art and architecture.

It is the details that breathe life into Lena Toritch’s figures, expressing the emotion, spirit, and individuality of her subjects and portraits. Her large monument commissions, like Utah Law Enforcement Memorial, and John Borbonus portrait memorial, showed she has a gift for portraying triumph, sacrifice, and patriotism as well.

Lena Toritch mastered anatomy, composition, and technique skills as a graduate student (MFA) at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in Russia, her home town. But the drive for perfection in her work is rooted in her upbringing amid the art-enriched culture of Russia. Lena’s father, a professional sculptor, challenged the young girl to always improve on her work through studying great masters of the past and learning to see the world with an artist’s eye.

Granted “Artist of Exceptional Ability” status, Toritch has been working in the United States for the past 15 years. Her commissions come from all over the country for private, corporate, and public collections; her bronzes have been displayed in a number of international shows, including Christie’s Auction house in London

Portraits are Toritch’s love. A keen intuitive sense of a character allows her to instill “the being” into the bronze just by using a few photographs and some background stories.

“It is very emotional to work on a memorial portrait. I realize that my skill can symbolically “bring back” someone’s beloved. It is so rewarding to watch them touch the statue’s hand, or stroke its face, as if reconnecting with that person one more time” -Lena Toritch, Sculptor