Military Dog Statues

Lena Toritch created the first ever life size monument to an SOF dog. (Special Operations Force). This is an amazing example of just one of the Military Dog Statues that Toritch has created.

The Special Operations Force Dog monument was dedicated in Fayetteville NC at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in July of 2013. Since then, she has created another military K9 monument for the Marines MARSOC foundation. These Military dogs special operations saves lives every day.

Military Dogs are highly trained and fiercely loyal animals.

This Belgian Malinois is dressed in full military combat gear, accurate to the final details that are shown in these Military Dog Statues. SOF dogs are an elite group of multi-purpose K9s that are often called “super dogs”. They are highly trained to perform a variety of very helpful tasks. These super dogs are great guard dogs and another term many use for these animals are Military Working Dogs (MWD).

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