Military Man Statues

Young Fine Art Studio Lena Toritch sculptor MFA is proud to make quality Military Man Statues.

Military Man Statues: SPC John Borbonus

This larger than life sized Veterans monument erected in Cascade, Idaho honors army Specialist John G. Borbonus.

In April 2007, SPC John G. Borbonus was in Baghdad, Iraq manning a M240 machine gun in a primary guard position when an Iraqi dump truck filled with explosives came speeding toward the Patrol Base. Without hesitation or regard for his own safety John held his position, fired on the vehicle and shot the driver.

John died in the battle but his heroism that day saved many soldiers’ lives.

This military man statue accurately depicts the proud and courageous solider alongside his weapon.

Military Man Statues: Iron Mike

This Military Monument was inspired by an iconic World War II Veterans monument but this one has the look of a modern US Soldier.

Tortich’s statue is inspired by” The Airborne Trooper ” Iron Mike statue that is located at Fort Bragg NC.

The original Fort Bragg’s Veterans’ Statue depicts a World War II airborne trooper with a Thompson submachine gun.

This new Toritch statue is a portrait of real life hero, a highly decorated modern soldier wearing full ACU and holding his M4.

Military Man Statues: Sgt. Dan Brown and Child

Sgt Dan Brown was killed in in southern Afghanistan in March 2012 after enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. This soldier memorial statue for his home state of Idaho depicts remarkable likeness of the solider and shows his personal conviction to help those in need like the young child who reaches out to him. Each custom bronze monument that Toritch creates is a unique portrait and reflects the inner personality and spirit of the person.

The Browns family’s first look was captured on the video. Watch it on The Today Show

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