Capturing a Likeness – Master Sculptor Lena Toritch

It Takes a Special Gift of Intuition

Master sculptor Lena Toritch specializes in portraits. It is a unique and rare talent. Using photographs and videos the sculptor creates a perfect likeness of the young hero. But using photos is not enough.

“John always had a smile. A big smile, a mischievous smile, or a little smirk. He was described as a “fun kid”. I wanted to capture that elusive smile when I worked on John’s likeness. The expression on the statue’s face is what John’s essence was. He was always ready to laugh…”Lena Toritch


Achieving the likeness is a personal and very emotional process for the sculptor.

“It is a great responsibility- says Toritch, -”a portrait is about capturing that unique essence of the person, not just his features”

As a result Lena Toritch’s portrait statues look very natural, full of life and bear that intangible “real” quality that makes them timeless works of art.

A custom memorial statue for your veteran will be sculpted by a master who can truly feel the soul and a character of your fallen hero. Please call Young Fine Art Studio 801-359-2451 or 801-884-9368 to talk to Lena Toritch or send her an e-mail with any questions. You will receive a quality portrait statue beyond your expectations.