Creating a Clay Statue

See how Sculptor Lena Toritch completes the Creating a Clay Statue Process.

The statue is first sculpted  in a small scale size (scale model). It will have all major proportions and details except for the likeness.

The sculptor enlarges the statue to a full size using lots of precise calculations.

The large statue detail is carefully researched. Sculptor Lena Toritch always thoroughly studies her subject before starting clay work.

“I don’t claim to be an expert on military uniforms or weapons” Lena says, “ but I always hire an expert to give me key points I need for my further research on a subject. Together we make sure that the statue looks authentic.”

You probably noticed that some photos of John Borbonus statue show him wearing goggles. The final version of the monument will not have them. We decided to leave the goggles off to bring more attention to the young hero’s face and  smile.

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