Foundry Work: Mold Making and Bronze Casting – Making of the Military Memorial Statues

After the statue is finished in clay and approved by the family,  the foundry starts a mold making process. See the Military Memorial statues making process below.

Mold Making

The mold maker divides statue in  sections. These sections will be reproduced in wax and later in bronze.

Wax Patterns

The wax patterns must be touched up to ensure the best detail in bronze


Metal Work

The sections were cast in bronze and reassembled back together to build the statue.It takes a lot of experience and skill to perfectly match bronze sections of the statue together. Each section is fitted  and welded in place by a skilled worker. Like a giant jig saw puzzle, the statue takes shape in front of your eyes.

We have a great foundry to cast our statues. They are the people we trust to preserve the detail and artistic quality of our statues.