Monuments Honoring the Spirit and Courage of Our Heroes!

Bronze memorials are a lasting way to honor and remember the service and sacrifice made in the name of freedom and democracy.

Available Models

American Bald Eagle Sculpture

American Bald Eagle

The timeless symbol of American strength and freedom, the American Bald Eagle is a majestic and powerful force of nature. The master of the skies, a fierce apex predator descending from the heavens.

This breathtaking piece of classical style sculpture, highlighted with modern patina techniques, would take any space, and lift it to new heights.

Battlefield Cross

The Battlefield Cross is a time honored military memorial that symbolizes the honor, service and sacrifice of soldiers killed in battle. The origins of the Battlefield Cross are believed to date back to the civil war. This touching memorial is life size with meticulous attention to every detail.   

The Rifle is thrust in the ground signifying that the soldier died in battle, fighting to the end. The boots carry a soldier though the fight for freedom and are placed at the base of the rifle. They are worn and dirty to remind us of that final march. The dog tags are hung from the rifle so that the name of the fallen will never be forgotten. The Helmet is placed on top of the rifle representing what that person stood for and that the battle is over.

This Battle Cross Bronze monument is a powerful way to show lasting gratitude and honor the tremendous sacrifice of our American soldiers.

More Models Coming Soon

Fully Custom Memorials

Lena Toritch and Richard Young of Young Fine Art Studio create unique and treasured sculptures that lift the spirit, touch the heart and inspire hope. They can create custom sculpture portraits, accurate in every detail, of a specific person whose service and sacrifice deserve to be honored and remembered. These monuments remind and teach about the price of freedom and the value of service and bravery. 

Toritch and Young work with clients to design a unique monument that is perfect for their needs, the physical location and budget. It is important that every detail of the uniform, weapon, badges, gear and equipment is accurate. They will design, sculpt, cast in bronze and deliver a one of kind masterpiece that will, for generations to come, be a community centerpiece of respect, pride and patriotism. 

About the Sculptors

Richard Young

Richard Young


Richard Young has more than 40 years of experience creating spectacular monuments and bronze statues. Young can create in clay every detail of a complicated weapon, military uniform or technical equipment. He oversees every aspect of the process and maintains the highest quality of workmanship and materials to insure customer satisfaction.

Lena Toritch

Lena Toritch

Sculptor/Vice President

Lena Toritch is naturally gifted and highly trained.   She has an intuitive and creative nature that allows her to see the inner qualities of a subject and find the most compelling way to create a person and personality in clay and bronze. She works with every client to understand their wishes and then designs a sculpture that touches those who see it and honors those who have earned our lasting gratitude.

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