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American Bald Eagle

Sculpted by Richard Young

The timeless symbol of American strength and freedom, the American Bald Eagle is a majestic and powerful force of nature. The master of the skies, a fierce apex predator descending from the heavens.  This magnificent creature is brought to life here in pure bronze by sculptor Richard Young.

This breathtaking piece of classical style sculpture, highlighted with modern patina techniques, would take any space, and lift it to new heights.

This sculpture, like all of our limited edition pieces, will be made to order. While this process takes time, it guarantees the quality of the art. This also means this piece can be customized to a certain degree.

Stoughton Veterans Memorial

Stoughton, Wisconsin
The original is installed for public display as the centerpiece of the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

More information about the park can be found at the Stoughton Veterans Memoial website.

Photo by: Peter Herman 

The American Bald Eagle sculpture is mounted on a beautiful marble base made by Pechmann Memorials. Please visit them at Pechmann Memorials.

Photo by: Peter Herman 

Bountiful Veterans Park

Bountiful, Utah

A beautiful and powerful representation of our national bird of the United States of America. The eagle, is an iconic symbol of freedom, and is often chosen as a centerpiece of veterans’ memorial.

With its wingspan of 6-feet wide, this eagle statue is life-size representation. This majestic bronze eagle was created by Richard Young and available to order.

Sculptor Richard Young standing with the bronze eagle. Learn more about the Bountiful Veterans Park on their Facebook Page.

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