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The Battlefield Cross

Sculpted By Richard Young

The iconic symbol of sacrifice, honor and respect for those who have given all.

The Battlefield Cross, Fallen Soldier Battle Cross or Battle Cross is a time honored military memorial that symbolizes the honor, service and sacrifice of soldiers killed in battle. This touching memorial is life size with meticulous attention to every detail. The Fallen Soldier Battle Cross is made up of a soldiers belongs. The Rifle is thrust in the ground signifying that the soldier died in battle, fighting to the end. The boots carry a soldier though the fight for freedom and are placed at the base of the rifle. They are worn and dirty to remind us of that final march. Dog Tags are worn by every service member and are imprinted with information about the individual soldier. The dog tags are hung from the rifle so that the name of the fallen will never be forgotten. The Helmet is placed on top of the rifle representing what that person stood for and that the battle is over. This Battle Cross Bronze monument is a powerful way to honor and remember the tremendous sacrifice of our American soldiers.

The earliest form of the Battlefield Cross is believed to have appeared during the Civil War to mark the body of a dead soldier so it can later be gathered and buried. In World War I and World War II, the configuration of the rifle pointed down and the helmet placed on the stock was still a marker but also became a memorial. In the Korean War, the Battlefield Cross became a way for the comrades of a fallen soldiers to find closure and honor their brother in arms. By the Gulf War of 1991, and during operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, the modern Battlefield Cross became the iconic symbol of sacrifice, honor and respect for the fallen soldier.

This Battlefield Cross by Richard Young is accurate in every detail. The position, arrangement and gear is placed according to the Battlefield Cross Ceremony. It is cast with high quality bronze in the “lost wax method” and will last for hundreds of years as an enduring monument. A memorial plaque can be added to the base. This life-size monument stands 41” tall

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The Battlefield Cross by Richard Young is a touching and powerful way to honor the sacrifice of our American soldiers. Its size, quality, detail and price make it an affordable way for every community to teach the importance of patriotism, respect for our US military and value of freedom.

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