About Young Fine Art Studio


Nestled in picturesque Salt Lake City, Utah, a land of incomparable beauty and awe inspiring natural monuments, Young Fine Art Studio has been crafting the finest bronze monuments and sculptures for nearly 50 years. Whether selected from our diverse stock, or custom made to order, Young Fine art can provide the perfect piece of striking artwork to transform a space, or bring forth the most vivid memories of someone special. 


Lena Toritch and Richard Young of Young Fine Art Studio create unique and treasured sculptures that lift the spirit, touch the heart and inspire hope. They can create custom sculpture portraits, accurate in every detail, of a specific person whose service and sacrifice deserve to be honored and remembered. These monuments remind and teach about the price of freedom and the value of service and bravery. 


The artists of Young Fine Art Studio are proud to work with the skilled  team of Metal Arts Foundry in Lehi, Utah. Their expert staff undertakes the lost wax bronze casting process after our sculptors finish the clay sculpture. Our artists work closely with Metal Arts to ensure every piece of artwork we create is of the  highest standard. 

More information on metal arts foundry can be found at  http://www.mtlarts.com/ 

With their team of dedicated crafters and artists, Toritch and Young work with clients to design a unique monument that is perfect for their needs, the physical location and budget. It is important that every detail of the uniform, weapon, badges, gear and equipment is accurate. They will design, sculpt, cast in bronze and deliver a one of kind masterpiece that will, for generations to come, be a community centerpiece of respect, pride and patriotism.

In addition to our human artists, we are very lucky to have the best support team in the art world: our two standard poodles, Rudy and Blazer are always up for a late night of sculpting, and love to greet visitors when they come to see our Studio.


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